We are committed to creating long-term, sustainable value for our customers, our shareowners and the communities we serve. We understand the decisions we make today can help shape our energy future for generations to come.

Our Sustainability Commitments

Our sustainability commitments provide a framework for PPL to grow and 
innovate in a responsible, reliable way that benefits customers, shareowners, employees and society as a whole.

Create extraordinary shareholder value

Create long-term value for shareowners through fiscal discipline, continuous improvement, environmental stewardship and enduring strategic investments.

Drive best-in-sector operational performance

Excel in safety, reliability, customer responsiveness and energy efficiency while maintaining a culture that cultivates innovation.

Advance a cleaner energy future

Encourage responsible stewardship in partnership with our customers and stakeholders to minimize our environmental impact.

Build tomorrow’s energy infrastructure

Invest in tomorrow’s energy infrastructure by developing a more reliable, resilient and efficient grid that fosters continued progress and a cleaner energy future.

Exceed customer expectations

Provide affordable, reliable, safe and environmentally responsible energy.

Foster an exceptional workplace

Cultivate success by energizing an inclusive, respectful and diverse workplace that rewards performance, enables professional development, encourages employee engagement and enables employees to achieve their full potential.

Strengthen communities

Empower the success of future generations by helping to build strong communities today.

PPL Corporation Climate Assessment Report

PPL’s scenario-based climate assessment, describes the company’s approach to climate change and steps the company is taking to manage climate-related risks and capitalize on new opportunities.

As outlined in the report, PPL anticipates its generation-related carbon dioxide emissions will decline substantially by 2050 as its Kentucky utilities retire aging coal units and replace them with natural gas and renewable generation. The report concludes that carbon dioxide reductions of 45-90 percent are likely at PPL’s Kentucky power plants by 2050 even without CO2 regulation.

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EEI ESG/Sustainability Template

In response to the expressed interest of investors and other stakeholders for information on environment, social and governance (ESG) issues that is consistent across the utility sector in terms of accessibility, content, timing and presentation. PPL has enhanced its voluntary disclosure concerning ESG-related risks and opportunities through the Edison Electric Institute (EEI) reporting template.

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Delivering Today for a Brighter Tomorrow

Our current sustainability programs, performance metrics and initiatives are presented annually in our Sustainability report. 
Our report presents our views about the company’s direct and indirect impacts, risks, challenges and opportunities. Access this year’s and past reports: