A smarter, data driven and robust grid.

We are maximizing value by optimizing our assets and leveraging data and technology. We’re investing in grid automation and system hardening to eliminate or minimize outages and prepare our networks for the clean energy transition.

Proven Expertise

Our operating expertise is delivering measurable results. In Pennsylvania, PPL Electric Utilities has developed one of the nation’s smartest, most robust electrical grids, delivering better reliability, superior customer service and consistent affordability.

With our proven expertise, we’re replicating this operating model across all of the regions we serve and investing billions on infrastructure improvements to further enhance the safety, resiliency and reliability of our systems, while preparing them for significant renewables integration.

Top quartile

in customer satisfaction, reliability and cost efficiency nationally


in infrastructure investments through 2027

Building a more resilient grid

We are making key investments to continue to strengthen our electric and gas distribution and transmission systems to be more resilient against severe weather, reduce maintenance costs and deliver long-term reliability for our customers.

Modernizing existing infrastructure


Replace aging equipment


Reducing leaks and enhancing safety of gas systems

Building new power lines and substations

Smart Grid Technology

We are the pioneer of smart grid technology. Our smart grid reroutes power automatically, pinpoints issues to increase efficiency and handles two-way energy from distributed energy resources (DERs) to ensure power reliability and quality.

Self-Healing Grid

Smart devices respond to issues in real-time for improved reliability at a lower cost.

Managing Distributed Energy Resources

Smart grid can host more DERs to support development of renewables.

Real-Time Streaming Data

Smart devices provide rich system data on equipment performance for optimum asset management for better long-term reliability at a lower cost.

Smart tools at work

Voltage Regulation

Our DMS system automatically responds to voltage and volt-amps reactive (VAR) issues throughout our distribution network to maintain power quality.


Automatic Power Restoration

Our Fault Isolation and Service Restoration technology automatically senses problems on the system and reroutes power.

Downed Wire Safety Automation

Grid tool detects energized downed power lines and automatically powers it off to eliminate potential hazards.

A Data-Driven Grid

Our automated grid generates a vast amount of data, and we’re using that to connect more renewables to the grid, make better informed decisions about system maintenance and infrastructure investments, and drive a superior customer experience.

Distributed Energy Resource Management

DERMS is capable of remotely managing the two-way power flow caused by DERs like solar, wind and batteries, which has become critically important to operate our electric grid effectively and safely. With insight from DERMS, we can host more distributed energy on our system and streamline the interconnection process.

Dynamic Line Rating

Our DLR smart sensors collect real-time information, like wind speed and line temperature, so grid operators can relieve transmission congestion and increase the electricity sent over those lines. Using data from the sensors, PPL is able to make better investment decisions.

Leveraging data science and advanced technology in operations

Vegetation Management

Managing every tree as an asset with individual predictions of risk.

Grid System Health

Proactively preventing outages by identifying when equipment is about to fail.

Customer Service Automation

Customer service technology investments improve self-service options.