Rooted in safety.

Safety is more than a commitment at PPL. It’s a value that is rooted in everything we do.

Focusing on safety

We have a strong accident-prevention culture. Employees own the concept of health and safety at a grassroots level. That commitment enables employees to hold each other accountable while sharing good practices focused on reducing risks to eliminate workplace accidents.

Storm Preparedness

Always at the ready.

Customers rely on us to provide the essential electricity that powers their lives – on blue sky days as well as during harsh weather. We are always at the ready to respond – working around the clock to restore power as quickly and safely as possible.

Our year-round focus on system hardening and self-healing grid technology helps make our grid more resilient to prevent future outages.

PPL Electric Utilities crews restore storm damage after Hurricane Ida struck in 2021.
LG&E and KU and PPL Electric crews provide storm restoration assistance in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria.

Helping communities – near and far

Crews from PPL’s companies are often called to help restore power in other regions. Working with our utility peers and industry groups, our mutual assistance agreements allow us to provide aid to regions seriously impacted by mother nature. When disaster strikes close to home, we also welcome crews from near and far to lend a hand during storm restoration work.

Keeping our communities safe

Electric safety education

Our safety education programs extend to our communities, raising awareness of electrical safety through public education campaigns for students and the general public.

A PPL employee demonstrates how to stay safe around electricity.
PPL Electric Utilities’ Live Line Electrical Safety Exhibit

Stopping scams

Keeping our customers safe extends beyond the power we provide. We help educate and inform customers to stop fraud before it happens. As members of Utilities United Against Scams, we collaborate across the energy industry to help spread awareness of the suspicious behaviors and the evolving tactics that scammers use to target customers.