Environmental responsibility.

We are transitioning to a cleaner energy future through innovation, responsible management and investments that support a more reliable, resilient and efficient grid. We are committed to advancing a cleaner energy future and empowering customers and communities to do the same.

Advancing a cleaner energy future


Carbon emissions by 2050


Reduced carbon emissions since 2010

Targeting net-zero carbon emissions by 2050

The path to net-zero carbon emissions

We are doing our part to address the challenges of climate change and to drive innovation that enables us to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 while maintaining energy reliability and affordability for the customers and communities we serve.

Our Clean Energy Strategy

The transition to a clean energy future offers opportunities for us to further reduce our environmental impact, invest in new infrastructure, empower customers with new options, and drive innovation that benefits society and delivers value to our shareowners.

Decarbonize our Kentucky generation fleet

Position the grid as an enabler for clean energy resources and drive energy efficiency and demand side management

Drive digital innovation and R&D to enable new technologies

Decarbonize our non-generation operations

Sustainability Feature

Proven expertise and innovation powering a responsible path to net-zero.

PPL Electric Utilities President Christine Martin explains how PPL is responding to the “challenge facing utility operators: How do we deliver the clean energy transition as quickly as possible while maintaining affordability and reliability?”

renewables spotlight

PPL partners with WindGrid

PPL and Elia Group subsidiary WindGrid are working together on innovative transmission solutions to connect offshore wind in New England. Both PPL and Elia Group are leaders in grid innovation and reliability, and share a strong focus on advancing the clean energy transition while keeping energy safe, reliable and affordable.

Environmental Stewardship

PPL has a longstanding commitment to carry out all business activities in ways that preserve and promote a clean, safe and healthy environment.

Environmental Management

We comply with all applicable environmental regulations and serve as good stewards of natural capital.

Conserving and Protecting Water

We carefully manage the water we use and monitor the impact of wastewater discharged into waterways.

Waste Management

We seek innovative solutions and opportunities to reduce, reuse and recycle waste materials.


A ‘Ewe’nique Partnership

LG&E and KU’s E.W. Brown Generating Station is home to four different types of energy generating resources, including a nearly 100-year-old hydroelectric facility and the first, and largest, existing universal solar facility in the commonwealth. Mowing grass that grows under and around solar arrays can be difficult to do with conventional lawn mowers, so LG&E and KU turned to an unconventional partnership: grazing sheep.


We work extensively to ensure the environment is protected in our work, especially in sensitive resource areas, and we are committed to conserving our natural habitat and native species.

The pollinator habitat at LG&E and KU's E.W. Brown power generating station in Kentucky.
A pollinator habitat at LG&E and KU’s E.W. Brown power generating station in Kentucky.