There when you need us – PPL companies put priority on customer service

At the PPL family of companies, customer service is at the heart of all we do. Our teams make it easy for customers to connect and do business with us around the clock. From providing ways to help customers save energy and money to offering sustainable programs and support for the communities we serve, our employees work hard to provide customers with a positive experience, 24/7.

Offering assistance when it’s needed most

When customers are in need, our teams customize flexible payment plans for them and help connect qualifying customers to a wide variety of assistance programs.

OnTrack is a special payment plan for PPL Electric’s low-income customers that offers reduced monthly payments, protection from shutoffs, debt forgiveness and referrals to other assistance programs. Louisville Gas and Electric and Kentucky utilities customers who are struggling to pay bills can be connected to payment options such as a partial payment plan, Budget Payment, Auto Pay, and more.

Together, PPL Electric Utilities, Louisville Gas and Electric and Kentucky Utilities raised more than $2 million in 2020 for customer assistance programs throughout service territories in Pennsylvania, Kentucky and Virginia. PPL employees, retirees and customers contribute to Winterhelp (LG&E), WinterCare (KU), WinterShare (ODP) and Operation HELP (PPL Electric Utilities) to provide heating assistance for vulnerable customers.

Helping customers through tips, tools and programs

Our family of companies is committed to helping customers find sustainable solutions and energy efficiency tips and offerings for their homes and businesses. On the PPL Marketplace, for instance, residential and commercial customers can find discounts on LED lighting, smart thermostats and energy-efficient products. LG&E and KU customers can also visit the utilities’ online Marketplace to compare, shop and save on energy-efficient appliances and electronics, as well as electric vehicles.

We offer rebates, ways customers can support the growth of renewable energy, school programs and more. We also offer the following free energy-saving measures and education for customers in need:

  • WeCare (Weatherization, Conservation Advice & Recycling Energy) at LG&E and KU.
  • WRAP (Winter Relief Assistance Program) through PPL Electric Utilities.

In total, all of our education measures and energy-efficient offers helped customers save more than 307,000 megawatt-hours of electricity and reduce peak demand by more than 142 megawatts in 2020. That 307,000 megawatt-hours of electricity saved is the equivalent of eliminating carbon dioxide emissions of the electricity used in 39,519 homes for one year, according to data from the Environmental Protection Agency.

Providing customer service that’s second to none

We know our customers’ time is valuable, so we want to make it easy for customers to connect with us in ways that are convenient to them. At LG&E and KU, we’ve launched a mobile app where customers can review details about their account, report an outage and view the utilities’ outage map, and make a payment, among other features. LG&E and KU also provide live call translation in 140 languages so customers can receive assistance in their preferred language, and have a live chat feature for customers on the utilities’ website.

PPL Electric Utilities also has a new phone system that allows customers to communicate in the language they prefer. PPL Electric Utilities is also introducing an easier-to-read bill and revamped that is mobile-friendly, has a sleeker design and is more intuitive. The site, available in English or Spanish, helps customers set up an account, enroll in assistance programs and more.

The commitment to customers across PPL’s family of companies hasn’t gone unnoticed. Combined, PPL’s utilities have earned 54 J.D. Power awards for customer satisfaction. Last year, PPL Electric Utilities won its ninth award in a row (28th total) for residential customer satisfaction. For the fifth year in a row, KU ranked first in customer satisfaction in the Midwest Midsize region in 2020, marking the 26th J.D. Power award won by LG&E and KU since 1999.

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August 16, 2021

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