Environmental Management.

We recognize the importance of conserving natural habitats and native species and work to protect biodiversity.

Protecting habitat and biodiversity

We understand the power delivery network has the potential to affect ecosystems and habitat, as well as the living plants, animals and aquatic species present in the natural environment.

We have implemented habitat mitigation practices to prevent or reduce detrimental effects on biodiversity from company actions and ongoing operations wherever possible.


years of partnering with agencies on Avian Protection Plans.


total acres of PPL pollinator test sites.


streams protected.


wetlands avoided as part of siting mitigation.


total volume of water recycled and reused

Creating awareness

We engage with stakeholders when planning, building and operating our energy infrastructure. We work extensively with community and conservation groups.

Supporting research

We continue research and development efforts related to the management and protection of pollinator habitats.

Key partnerships

We work extensively with various partners to ensure the environment and wildlife are protected while work is being done on the electrical system.