Smart Grid, Smart Jobs

The transition to a smarter grid has benefits beyond network efficiency and reliability: it also provides job growth opportunities.

LG&E and KU are in the final phase of a $112 million multi-year initiative to upgrade their advanced distribution management system, extend their data analysis capabilities, integrate more than 1,500 smart devices on their network, and deploy a new suite of mobile solutions for field workers.

Developing, installing and maintaining this advanced technology requires a highly skilled workforce. Through this initiative, LG&E and KU have added new positions for engineers and operators in their control centers, while field workers remain as important as ever to make repairs and restore customers’ service.

The smart grid investments allow the utilities to immediately pinpoint the location of power outages, and in many cases, limit the impacted area and automatically restore service for all other customers. The ability to quickly pinpoint the outage location also means crews can respond sooner to make any necessary repairs. Coupled with ongoing investments, the advanced technology has helped to reduce outage frequency and duration by 20% across the utilities’ electric system within the last decade.

April 21, 2021

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