Governance & management.

Strong leadership and well-managed operations are the cornerstones of a successful business. PPL’s corporate governance practices are designed to ensure long-term value for our shareowners, customers and the communities we serve.

Additional details about the role of the board, independence of the directors, role of the independent directors (including the independent chair), and selection of directors can be found in the Guidelines for Corporate Governance.

Enterprise risk management

Our teams are continually identifying, assessing, monitoring and reporting on ongoing and emerging risks, including broader environmental, social and governance risks.


Cybersecurity and Grid Protection

Robust strategies and approaches for how we respond to cyber and physical threats.

Business Continuity Planning

Our emergency management plans ensure we are ready to respond in a crisis.

Approach to sustainability governance

PPL’s sustainability strategy is informed by regular assessments of priority issues, stakeholder outreach and peer benchmarking. Assessments are conducted periodically to identify the issues that may be helpful to stakeholders in evaluating the company’s environmental, social and governance performance and overall sustainability.

Governance, Nominating and Sustainability Committee

Oversees the company’s practices and positions to further its sustainability strategy and corporate governance, including specific environmental and corporate social responsibility initiatives.

Corporate Leadership Council and Key Leaders

Reviews, provides strategic input on and approves the company’s sustainability strategy and priorities.

Corporate Sustainability Committee

Establishes and provides oversight of the priorities and performance metrics.

Sustainability Core Team

Cross-functional and enterprise-wide team of subject matter experts conducts analyses of sustainability trends and priority issues and prepares disclosure documentation.

Board of Directors

The board of directors’ responsibilities include overseeing the management of PPL, selecting the company’s leaders, approving long-range strategic plans and advising senior management.

Standards of Integrity

To fulfill our obligation to shareowners and all others who have a stake in PPL’s business and the communities we serve, we adhere to high ethical standards, work safely and responsibly, and comply with both the spirit and the letter of all laws and regulations that govern our business. Our Standards of Integrity provide the bases for our compliance and ethics programs.