Harnessing the power of renewable energy.

We are actively seeking new ways to add renewables to our network as we position our grid as an enabler for clean energy resources.

Connecting distributed energy resources to the grid

Our goal was to make it easier and faster for customers to connect renewable energy to the grid. Learn more about interconnection requests from our utilities:


to approve most interconnection requests.


MW of renewable energy connected to the grid.

Making renewable energy use easy for our customers

Solar share programs for residential and business customers.

Purchasing more renewable energy for customers.

Fast, efficient grid interconnection of customer-owned renewables.


Investing in new research and technologies.

RENewables in focus

PPL partnership with WindGrid

PPL and Elia Group subsidiary WindGrid are working together on innovative transmission solutions to connect offshore wind in New England. Both PPL and Elia Group are leaders in grid innovation and reliability and share a strong focus on advancing the clean energy transition while keeping energy safe, reliable and affordable.

Let the sun shine

LG&E and KU’s Solar Share facility is more than 50% subscribed. The subscription-based Solar Share program is a cost-effective option available to residential, business and industrial customers who want to support solar energy for as little as 20 cents per day. Upon completion, the Solar Share facility will have a total capacity of 4 megawatts.


solar generating capacity


MWh of solar energy produced annually

Solar Focus Areas in Kentucky

Utility-scale solar

Community solar

Business solar

Green energy credits

Renewables in Focus

See more about our focus on renewable energy and projects driving us forward.

R&D in Renewables

We know to go further faster, we must invest in new technologies. Find out about our key industry collaborations driving toward a net-zero future.