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A Commitment to Public Safety

PPL Electric didn’t allow the COVID-19 pandemic to prevent it from teaching children about electrical safety.

Shifting gears during the pandemic to ensure safety and eliminate the risk of spreading the virus, PPL Electric and The National Theatre for Children teamed up to give students across Pennsylvania virtual performances of Agents of Safety, a humorous, engaging and high-energy show that teaches youngsters how electricity is made, the uses of electricity and helps them identify and avoid dangerous electrical situations.

More than 9,000 children from 30 schools saw performances during the most recent tour, which took place between Oct. 29 and Dec. 1, 2020. Since the program kicked off in 2015, more than 100,000 children have seen performances, which are offered at no cost to schools located within PPL Electric’s service territory.

Learn more about PPL Electric Utilities’ efforts to promote the health and safety of the communities we serve:

April 20, 2021

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