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Skilled work is mission critical.

Our skilled workers play a critical role in our mission of delivering safe, reliable power to our customers.

Recently added jobs

If you are a graduate of a technical or trade school, your skills are in high demand at PPL. We have exciting and rewarding careers in the following areas.


Lineworkers install or repair electrical cables and lines both overhead and underground.


Electricians are responsible for the overall operation of complex electrical systems.


Electrical Technician

Electrical Technicians install and maintain electrical wiring and control systems.

Transmission and Distribution Systems Operators

System operators manage the power grid from a set of computer consoles within a control center.


Dispatchers control the flow of electricity as it travels across the grid.

Gas and Generation Workers

Our gas and generation workers control, operate and maintain machinery to generate electricity.

Pre-testing and Skill Refreshers

The Construction and Skilled Trades Selection System (CAST) test is used to help select candidates for construction and skilled trade positions in the following areas: electric transmission and distribution (i.e. Helper FS Regional T&D), facilities and equipment (i.e. Facility Technicians), and meter reader service and repair (i.e. Service Technicians). This test measures skills and abilities critical for effective job performance in the following areas: math problem-solving using information from prints and drawings, mechanical principle comprehension and reading comprehension. A physical assessment test is also a requirement of the hiring process. 

CAST Test Preparation Resources

To increase your familiarity with the testing concepts, the Edison Electrical Institute has developed sample practice tests to help you understand what to expect. The practice tests will differ from the actual tests, but answers and explanations are provided at the end of each practice test for your review. Additionally, SkillBuilders provides an interactive and realistic view of the work performed in electric utility jobs. Learn the knowledge and skills required to help you prepare for the CAST test. 

We strongly encourage you to take the practice test, use SkillBuilders and review the test preparation resources available. Use the following credentials to access the site.

  • Log in: ppltest
  • Password: electric

Retake Policy

If you are not selected for a position because of your test results, you are not eligible to retest for the same position. To be considered for future openings, you must apply to a new position to be invited to retake the test.

Testing Accomodations

In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), please inform us of any disability that you feel requires special testing arrangements. Please supply this information when you are confirming your attendance to take a test.

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