Apr 06, 2018

Helping communities – near and far

Crews from PPL’s operating utilities are often called to help restore power in other regions, and under their mutual assistance agreements, can call in help from other utilities when it is needed.

In 2017, the call for help came often after numerous devastating storms hit Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico and Ireland.

More than 850 PPL Electric employees and contractors traveled to Florida to help restore to electricity to nearly 8 million customers who lost power when Hurricane Irma and its 100-mph winds made its way through the Sunshine State.

LG&E and KU sent more than 400 employees and contractors and 37 company trucks to aid Duke Energy Florida, Florida Power & Light and Tampa Electric. Weeks earlier, LG&E and KU provided assistance to Texas following Hurricane Harvey.

In the U.K., WPD crews provided aid to Ireland in the wake of ex-Hurricane Ophelia.

The storm hit the southern coast of Ireland in October with winds in excess of 80 miles per hour. The storm caused severe damage to electricity network infrastructure and resulted in more than 360,000 properties losing power.

In total, 37 WPD linemen and engineers travelled to Ireland to help restore power supplies and repair electricity infrastructure.

The assistance didn’t end with the hurricane season. In January 2018, PPL Electric and LG&E and KU sent crews, line trucks and equipment for a long-term relief effort in Puerto Rico to help restore power knocked out by Hurricane Maria. Despite challenging work conditions, the crews rebuilt lines and restored power to customers in the Caguas area as part of a massive mutual assistance effort.

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