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PPL engineers not only keep electric and natural gas flowing to our 3.5 million customers, but they are finding new ways to create the grid of the future. With ingenuity and creativity, our teams are using automation and cutting-edge technology to build a more reliable, resilient grid and advance a cleaner energy future.

We hire new and experienced engineers in the following disciplines: electrical, mechanical, civil, environmental, chemical and industrial engineering.

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Our engineers work in a variety of teams and areas including Standards, Protection, Distributed Energy Resources, Substation Design, Reliability, Planning and Project Management.

Distribution Operations

Our distribution engineers design and build systems that guide power throughout our grid.

Transmission & Substations

Transmission engineers design and test the systems used to transmit large amounts of energy.

Power Generation

Our power generation engineers oversee the processes by which energy is converted into electric power.


Natural Gas Distribution & Transmission

Natural gas engineers manage the pathway and speed at which oil or gas is transferred to its target.

Software & Computer

Computer engineers design and develop many of the software programs and technological devices that we use every day.

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