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Darian Pompey

Engineer, PPL Services Corporation

College networking leads to promising engineering career

Darian Pompey, senior engineer at PPL Services Corporation, was a junior at Temple University when he first crossed paths with PPL, leading him from an internship to a fulfilling career in power engineering.

As a leader of the National Society of Black Engineers, a student organization that provides leadership training, professional development activities and mentoring opportunities for African Americans, Pompey attended a resume workshop that PPL sponsored.

“I spoke with PPL employees about the opportunities in the energy industry and they recommended that I pursue an internship with PPL,” Pompey said.

In the summer of 2015, Pompey worked at PPL as an intern in the Civil Structural engineering group where he analyzed equipment located at PPL’s substations. His curiosity about power and energy was piqued. “The experience made me realize that utilities are taken for granted,” he said. “People just don’t realize all of the work that goes into switching on the lights, for example.

“At the end of my internship, PPL offered me a position in the engineering rotation. Going into my senior year of college, I already had my job lined up – it was pretty awesome,” said Pompey.

The following year, after graduation, Pompey was one of the first employees to begin the engineer rotation program. The rotational period lasts 12-24 months, and each rotational path is customized to the individual and the role that they will land in at the end of the program.

“My rotation covered Transmission Standards, Engineering Maintenance and the Construction Management groups, and beginning and ending in the Civil Structural department,” said Pompey. “The program definitely made me a more well-rounded engineer. I was exposed to all of the different groups and learned what they needed from me and also what I needed from them.”

After completing the engineering rotation program, Pompey continued his education and received his Professional Engineering license and a master’s degree.

“I am a big believer in education and PPL is flexible and supportive of employees who want to further their education,” said Pompey. “I am always looking up. I want to constantly improve and make myself a better engineer and maybe go into management as well.”