A customer service employee sits in front of her laptop smiling.

Vanessa Chulock

Trainer and Course Developer for Customer Service, PPL Electric Utilities

PPL employee enjoys career growth in customer service

When Vanessa Chulock took a job as a customer service assistant for PPL Electric Utilities in 2011, she not only found a career that she enjoys, she found one that has allowed her to grow and take on bigger roles.

Chulock started off as a level-one customer service assistant in Scranton, helping customers who needed payment assistance. After about six months, she became a level-two customer service assistant, expanding her expertise to help customers in even more ways with billing and other issues.

“The company doesn’t bombard you with everything at once,” Chulock said. “You continue to build your skills with each step. They watched me grow up both personally and professionally in Scranton.”

As the Hazleton native took on new work challenges, her co-workers were there to celebrate her 21st birthday, her engagement, her marriage and eventually the birth of her child. “Working at PPL Electric Utilities has been a fantastic experience,” Chulock said. “You always have someone to help you and it’s a great family-like atmosphere.”

After about five years as a level-two customer service assistant, Chulock became a trainer and course developer for customer service assistants, training them on how to best serve customers.

“All of the supervisors I’ve had have helped me along with my career path,” Chulock said. “When I’ve told them I was ready to grow into a new role or take on a new challenge, they have given me opportunities to do that.”

As a customer service assistant, Chulock thrived on helping customers. Now she gets satisfaction teaching others how to do the same.

“Our customers’ time is valuable,” she said. “We need our agents to get them the information they need efficiently. We want our customers to have a great experience. So, customer satisfaction is always at the forefront and that’s reflected in our training.”

Chulock said enjoys working for an innovative and progressive company.

“It’s a very challenging career, but it’s rewarding as well,” she said. “Coming to PPL was one of the best decisions of my life.”