A man in a navy blue jacket and blue shirt leans against a ledge outside the PPL building.

Anthony Pearson

Design Operations Manager, PPL Services

Company culture makes for rewarding environment

After working as a consultant for PPL, Anthony Pearson gladly accepted a full-time job offer in 2000.

“I loved the close-knit culture of PPL, the diversity of their business portfolio, and being in a position that allowed me to meet with and build creative solutions for the different departments within the company.”

Pearson was able to stretch his creativity beyond his job description and founded PPLVETS, one of PPL’s business resource groups. The group seeks to honor those employees who have served or are serving and to foster an environment of understanding, patriotism and involvement. The company’s nine business resource groups support a diverse and inclusive workforce and culture that offers something for everyone, Pearson adds. Pearson also admires the company’s community involvement and the measures taken to ensure PPL is a good corporate citizen.

“For PPL, these aren’t just words on a paper to sound good. The company backs these words up financially, but even more importantly, by encouraging and enabling employees to get out into the community and make a difference. Prior to working for PPL, I never experienced this type of culture and didn’t know it existed. Once I got a taste for what it meant to be an employee of PPL, I never looked back and really don’t want to be anywhere else.”