Seth Hendrix

Group Leader, Distribution Reliability Engineering, LG&E and KU

Former intern rises through the ranks with LG&E and KU

When he arrived at the University of Kentucky as a freshman, Seth Hendrix had no idea that the path to his future was taking shape. During his sophomore year, Hendrix applied for an internship with Kentucky Utilities (KU), a subsidiary of PPL, hoping to get to know the electrical utility industry. 

Hendrix had a solid background in the electrical contracting world thanks to his family’s business; however, it was his three back-to-back internships with KU that prepared him for his career as an electrical engineer. It was hard work and dedication that earned Hendrix his current role of group leader of distribution reliability engineering.  

“My internships definitely impacted my future,” said Hendrix. “I was able to learn engineering processes and have confidence when I officially started my engineering career.” 

Rodney Brock, lead engineer for Kentucky Utilities, took Seth under his wing as a young student. “Rodney was my mentor,” said Hendrix. “He showed me the ropes with equipment, standards and engineering processes.”  

While he was laying the foundation for his future career, Hendrix had fun in the process: “I enjoyed the ever-changing and challenging work and the willingness of my co-workers to support me. The people and camaraderie really drew me in.” 

What’s his advice for college students considering a career in the energy industry?  

“PPL is a great company to work for, and it is a great opportunity to gain insights into the utility industry,” said Hendrix. “Plus, we hire a lot of our interns. Our entire reliability team started as interns or co-ops.”  

It is not lost on him that the tables have turned. “It’s a great feeling to be able to help young engineers learn and grow just as many engineers did and continue to do for me.” 

“Start with an open mind and a willingness to work and you will have an incredible experience.”