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STEM teachers inspiring tomorrow’s innovators

Tomorrow’s engineers and mathematicians need only a spark to get their imaginations – and their careers – headed in the right direction. Each year, the PPL Foundation honors outstanding STEM educators who provide that spark for their students.

Four teachers in eastern and central Pennsylvania were recently selected as recipients of the PPL Foundation’s 2023 STEM Educator Awards. This grant program recognizes teachers who have demonstrated success in designing and facilitating STEM learning that engages the next generation of innovative thinkers. The PPL Foundation has awarded $500,000 in grants through this program since 2003.

Connecting students with future career opportunities

As part of its overall partnership with the organization, LG&E has been a proud sponsor of JA of Kentuckiana’s “BizTown” for the past 15 years. The program gives fifth-grade students an introduction to managing finances, exploring a variety of careers and thinking like an entrepreneur.