Combining passions: a love for the outdoors, a hometown and volunteer work 

Growing up in the Pocono Mountains and snow skiing since age 3, Mike Sherman developed his love for the outdoors early on and has been volunteering with the National Ski Patrol for the last 20 years. He’s often assisting skiers on the slopes in the Poconos and other parts of Pennsylvania during the weekends.   

He and his wife, Laura, live in the Poconos and instilled an appreciation for the outdoors in their daughter and son, who also started skiing around the same age as their dad.  

After joining PPL about nine years ago, Sherman, who is currently manager of Transmission and Substation Project and Construction Management, found an avenue to combine his passions for the outdoors, his hometown and volunteer work.     

“Prior to joining PPL, volunteering was more specific to my hobbies,” said Sherman. “PPL’s culture to give back to our communities really brought it home for me. When I started, it was fun to volunteer with co-workers in other parts of the state, but when I took that passion to the Poconos where I live, that’s when I got hooked.”   

Sherman first started volunteering at events organized by one of PPL’s business resource groups, PPL Tomorrow. These professional groups bring together employees from around the company throughout the year for networking events, volunteering and opportunities to celebrate shared experiences.  

Since that time, he’s served as a team captain during PPL’s annual employee-led charitable giving campaigns. In 2023, PPL’s employees and retirees, combined with matching contributions from its affiliated foundations, pledged more than $8 million  that will support nearly 500 local nonprofit organizations in Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Kentucky and Virginia.     

“I truly believe we have a great team,” said Sherman. “It was great to see everyone celebrating this year’s campaign and the positive, lasting impacts in the communities we serve. I personally like supporting the Pocono Mountains United Way because I live there, but we have many nonprofit organizations and United Way agencies across our service territory that may be more relatable and meaningful to employees who live and work in that area.”   

He also led in the fall, as part of this same campaign, a team of volunteers who planted trees in his hometown at the Kettle Creek-Monroe County Conservation District during the companywide volunteerism event, called Day of Caring. He and his team were among more than 400 employees who came together that day at events with nonprofit organizations in areas served by PPL and its subsidiaries.

In fact, it’s through these same events that Sherman and his wife passed on another passion to their children: volunteering in their local community.  

The Sherman family has participated for the last two years in the company’s Family Day of Caring, when employees and family members come together and perform work for nonprofit organizations in their local areas. It’s not surprising the Shermans most enjoy outdoor work, like planting trees and performing odd jobs for local farms. His son, who opted to be a PPL lineworker for his recent career day, and daughter roll up their sleeves to help mom and dad too.    

“Showing my kids the value of giving back to the community and doing it in our community is very rewarding,” said Sherman. “They enjoy it too and love the Family Days. They always ask, ‘when’s the next one?’”  

Sherman’s love for giving back to his community has only grown over the years. He’s now the Emerging Leaders Chair for the Pocono Mountains United Way and joined the organization’s board in 2023.  

For anyone interested in volunteering but unsure where to start, Sherman offered the following advice.  

“I try to find opportunities to connect others with projects in their local area. That’s what’s rewarding to me, so I try doing that for them. Find what you’re passionate about.”  

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January 24, 2024