Advancing a cleaner energy future

Advancing a cleaner energy future is one of the core commitments of PPL’s sustainability strategy. As the world considers climate change and as PPL looks to the future, we will continue to take steps to minimize our impact on the environment, transform the way we generate electricity and incorporate new, lower-emitting technology.


Growing and innovating in a responsible, reliable way

PPL announced a goal to cut the company’s carbon dioxide emissions 70 percent from 2010 levels by 2050 – reconfirming its commitment to grow and innovate in a responsible, reliable way for generations to come. The company plans on achieving this goal in a variety of ways through each of its utility companies. Strategies include everything from replacing coal-fired generation in Kentucky over time with a mix of renewables and natural gas to reducing greenhouse gas emissions from substations and reducing vehicle fleet emissions across all operations.

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Circular infographic depicting reduction of carbon dioxide and coal capacity.
PPL Corporation Climate Assessment

PPL Corporation Climate Assessment

PPL’s scenario-based climate assessment describes the company’s approach to climate change and steps the company is taking to manage climate-related risks and capitalize on new opportunities. As outlined in the report, PPL anticipates its generation-related carbon dioxide emissions will decline substantially by 2050 as its Kentucky utilities retire aging coal units and replace them with natural gas and renewable generation.

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