Advancing a cleaner energy future

PPL supports the need to transition to cleaner energy sources and recognizes that utilities play a major role in delivering a clean economy. We support investments in smarter, more resilient power grids and advancements in R&D for more sustainable generation.

Our Clean Energy Strategy

Decarbonize our generation: Economically retire existing coal plants in Kentucky and replace them with renewables and natural gas; build and/or acquire renewable projects.

Decarbonize our non-generation operations: Reduction in company energy use, electrification of fleet vehicles and reduced emissions associated with T&D equipment and gas distribution.

Further research and development: Invest in new clean energy technologies to help us move further, faster and achieve reductions beyond 80%.

Enable third-party decarbonization: Invest in transmission and distribution networks to allow for increased electrification, large-scale connection of distributed energy resources and delivery of renewable energy to load centers.

Our Climate Action

PPL is proactively taking steps to advance a cleaner energy future. We have set clear goals that have a sustainable impact on our environment for the communities, customers and stakeholders we serve.

Climate Goal

PPL’s corporate goal is to:

  • Reduce carbon emissions at least 80% from 2010 levels by 2050, with at least a 70% reduction by 2040.

PPL has already reduced carbon emissions nearly 60% from 2010 levels as of the end of 2020.

We will achieve the reductions through a variety of actions, including replacing Kentucky coal-fired generation over time with a mix of renewables and most likely natural gas while meeting regulatory requirements to provide least-cost and reliable service to our customers.

Actions also include taking steps across PPL’s operations to improve energy efficiency, reduce greenhouse gas emissions from substations and reduce vehicle fleet emissions.

Download Carbon Emissions and Intensity Data

Carbon Emissions Goal Graphic
Fleet Electrification Goal graphic


PPL is working to make system enhancements necessary to meet electricity demand over the long term to support electrification efforts, including the adoption of electricity-fueled transportation.  We are also reducing our own carbon footprint through electrification of our fleet vehicles.

We are strengthening our commitment to fleet electrification by setting goals on electric vehicle adoption. Collectively, PPL’s operating companies expect to reduce carbon emissions by 2,800 metric tons between 2020-2025 through electrification of fleet vehicles, with an additional reduction of more than 2,500 metric tons expected between 2026-2030. (Expected reductions adjusted due to the sale of WPD).

Learn more about our operating companies’ efforts to support EV adoption:

Louisville Gas & Electric and Kentucky Utilities

PPL Electric Utilities

Our Commitment to R&D

We recognize that going even further faster to address climate change requires new ideas. That’s why we are investing in technology and partnerships to help move the U.S. electricity sector from an 80% reduction to carbon neutrality by 2050.

  • PPL is an anchor company in the joint, five-year effort between EPRI and the Gas Technology Institute (GTI) to conduct intensive and focused R&D in clean energy technologies that are necessary for decarbonization.
  • At our E.W. Brown Plant, LG&E-KU collaborated with the University of Kentucky on a megawatt-scale carbon capture pilot.  At the same site, we are working with the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) on a large-scale energy storage project.
  • PPL Electric Utilities launched an innovative Distributed Energy Resource Management System in Pennsylvania to enable more distributed energy resources, like solar power and energy storage, to connect reliably to the grid.

Our Sustainability Governance

PPL consistently assesses our climate risk and communicates with our stakeholders for transparency. We continually work toward alignment with the TCFD framework to ensure that we are taking a holistic view of our climate approach to inform our sustainability strategy and identify areas for action.

Our process in action:

  • We have dedicated Board and management oversight of our climate strategy and goals.
  • Our Enterprise Risk Management and CDP processes identify climate-related risks and opportunities.
  • LG&E and KU’s Integrated Resource Plan considers portfolio risk and opportunity scenarios.
  • We maintain transparency through disclosure reports such as the CDP, EEI-AGA ESG Report, SASB and TCFD.
  • We publish an annual Sustainability Report that highlights the company’s ongoing initiatives to advance a sustainable energy future.

Sustainability Disclosures

We are committed to transparent disclosures of our efforts on environmental, governance and social priorities.

Access our disclosures

PPL Corporation Climate Assessment

Our climate assessment is a detailed report of how future requirements and technological advances aimed at limiting global warming to 2° Celsius over pre-industrial levels could potentially impact PPL.

Download PPL’s Climate Assessment Report