“Cover to Cover” adding opportunity to every child’s story

In recent years, many young readers have lacked access to everyday resources and motivation to make reading a priority. The pandemic and its ensuing strain on the educational system have posed a challenge for many families. Numerous studies have shown that children who miss out on reading and learning opportunities over the summer can fall behind by as many as two grade levels.

Providing books to those students over the summer helps close that gap. The PPL Foundation’s Cover-to- Cover program provides new books to children in grades K-3 throughout the communities we serve in Pennsylvania in the hopes of encouraging summer reading to prevent a lapse in learning.

Amplifying our reach

The program strives to increase the love of reading and curiosity in a way that is accessible and convenient for everyone. Each summer, hundreds of children attend events held at over 20 local community centers and libraries throughout PPL’s service area that promote a lifelong love of literacy.

“Through the Cover-to-Cover program, we are able to help children who would otherwise miss out on reading and learning opportunities over the summer,” said Lissette Santana, chief operating officer of the PPL Foundation. “Seeing children’s faces and imaginations light up when they receive their books is inspiring to all who are a part of the program. PPL is proud to support students on their journey to a lifelong love of reading.”

Our employees also play a vital role in the program by donating gently used books and reading to children. Since its inception in 2016, the Cover-to-Cover program has donated over 130,000 books to children throughout PPL’s 29-county service area who would otherwise miss out on reading and learning opportunities over the summer.

Like-minded missions unite

The program has been able to expand its reach by teaming up with organizations such as the James V. Brown Library in Williamsport, the YMCA of Scranton, Child Development Inc. in Minersville, and many others that understand the impact that child literacy has on the academic success of young learners.

Laura Kaplus, Program Coordinator, PBS39; Angela Zanelli, campaign director, Lehigh Valley Reads; Corey the Apple and Kathleen Oswalt, Corporate Responsibility Specialist, PPL Corporation

“Our continuing partnership with PPL has enabled us to touch the lives of thousands of children in our community–and to encourage a life-long love of reading for the children with whom we have interacted.  What a positive collaborative effort it has been,” said Beverly Bradley, President of the Cops ‘n’ Kids Children’s Literacy Program.

Our earliest days of elementary school hold special memories for many of us, including our first encounter with literature. Through our Cover-to-Cover program, the PPL Foundation is proud to support the next generation of readers.

October 7, 2022

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