Our communities depend on us, and we deliver.

A switch flips; the lights go on. A button is pressed; the local weatherman comes to life on television. A dial is turned; an air conditioner whirs to life cooling a stifling room.

As each new day begins and ends, we are there, powering our customers’ lives. But we understand that our customers, and their communities, need more than just power to thrive.

That’s why PPL partners with hundreds of community organizations to help improve the neighborhoods where we live and work. We understand that each community is unique and has different needs, and we strive to respond to those needs.

Collectively, employees from the PPL family of companies around the world volunteered more than 23,000 hours last year – mentoring science fair teams, reading to school children, building homes for Habitat for Humanity, cleaning up neighborhood parks and assisting veterans, among other efforts.

Recently, we filmed a short video of one community project, in which employee volunteers helped the American Red Cross install smoke detectors in homes in center city Lancaster, Pa.

We appreciate the collaboration of our partners at the American Red Cross, who helped us document one of the many community projects we support on an ongoing basis.

September 1, 2016

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