A Powerful Network

Covering more than 36,000 square miles, PPL Corporation’s regulated utilities provide power to customers in Kentucky, Pennsylvania and the United Kingdom.

Our Structure

PPL Corporation, headquartered in Allentown, Pennsylvania, is the parent company to seven regulated utility companies. PPL, through our regulated utility subsidiaries, delivers electricity to customers in the U.K., Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Virginia and Tennessee; delivers natural gas to customers in Kentucky; and generates electricity from power plants in Kentucky.

We Excel in Customer Satisfaction

PPL’s businesses are among the very best in customer satisfaction. In the U.S., PPL Electric Utilities, Louisville Gas & Electric, and Kentucky Utilities have repeatedly been recognized among the top of their class for residential customer satisfaction. And our four U.K. utilities were ranked by U.K. regulator Ofgem as the top four for customer satisfaction in the U.K.

We’re Building a Smarter, More Secure Energy Grid

PPL is driven daily by a determination to ensure that each of our customers has the power they count on every day. Fulfilling that commitment takes dedication, hard work and resources. Through 2021, PPL will invest $16 billion in energy infrastructure improvements to deliver power more reliably and efficiently for more than 10 million customers worldwide.

We’re Powering the Future

The energy grid is undergoing rapid transformation and PPL’s businesses continue to address new challenges head-on. We are finding ways to accommodate a more flexible, two-way flow of electricity, creating more efficiencies, and bringing on more distributed energy resources like micro-grids, solar, electric vehicles and battery storage.

The PPL Power Grid – By the Numbers

PPL provides energy via a vast power grid on more than 36,000 square miles of service territory across two continents. PPL’s family of companies works tirelessly to monitor, repair and upgrade PPL’s power grid daily.

Technology Spotlight

WPD Takes Active Step Towards New Role as Distribution System Operator

The U.K. energy industry is in the midst of an evolution to meet the future energy demands of all customers. To respond to this transformation, Western Power Distribution is taking active steps in transitioning from a Distribution Network Operator (DNO) to a Distribution System Operator (DSO).

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Technology Spotlight

Smart Grid Keeps PPL Electric Utilities a Step Ahead

PPL is one of the first utilities in the U.S. to fully implement smart grid devices on all of their circuits. It helps us more quickly identify outages and reroute power around them. In some cases, we can bring back service in a matter of minutes. In 2016, smart grid technology prevented more than 100,000 customer interruptions.

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