Ethan Hinkson

Mechanical Engineer, LG&E

Mechanical engineer intern gains real-world experience and a full-time job

For Ethan Hinkson, it was important to find a career that not only aligned with his interests in math and problem-solving but something that would provide a stable and reliable living for him and a future family.  

As most future engineers would, he researched. That research led him to study mechanical engineering at Western Kentucky University, and also led him to an internship at Louisville Gas and Electric Company, a subsidiary of PPL.  

“I wanted experience in an internship so I could get a better feel for what everyday engineering would be like,” Hinkson said. “I jumped at the opportunity to work for LG&E because it was close to home and very familiar to me.” 

He hit the ground running with his internship and gained valuable, real-world experience. One of Hinkson’s first tasks was to update the safety procedures for a compressor station. He learned how the station equipment operated and coordinated with operators on logistics and standard practice. 

He also planned the installation of a new water line for a truck fill station and planned the future installation of a station valve to improve functionality and safety. 

Hinkson credits his manager, operators and fellow co-ops for his positive experience and helping him learn. “I was new and didn’t know a lot at first, but no one ever looked down on me,” he said. “Instead, they were always willing to take the time to teach me.” 

Now recently married and hoping to start a family soon, Hinkson is grateful for the internship that led to his career as a full-time mechanical engineer with LG&E. He credits his faith for leading him to the right place at the right time. “I am so grateful to God that I got to intern here; it has been one of the biggest blessings in my life.” 

“It’s opened my eyes to a whole new overhead and underground world I hardly ever considered before. I’ve learned teamwork, learning, and adapting. And I’ve been able to work with some amazing people. Also, the pay is pretty great!”