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STEM teachers inspiring tomorrow’s innovators

Tomorrow’s engineers and mathematicians need only a spark to get their imaginations – and their careers – headed in the right direction. Each year, the PPL Foundation honors outstanding STEM educators who provide that spark for their students.

Four teachers in eastern and central Pennsylvania were recently selected as recipients of the PPL Foundation’s 2023 STEM Educator Awards. This grant program recognizes teachers who have demonstrated success in designing and facilitating STEM learning that engages the next generation of innovative thinkers. The PPL Foundation has awarded $500,000 in grants through this program since 2003.

Bright Lights grants awarded to community advocates, nonprofit agencies

In recognition of PPL’s 100th anniversary, the PPL Foundation awarded a $100,000 in special grants to help illuminate the outstanding contributions of individuals working in the nonprofit sector. Ten Bright Lights grants of $10,000 were awarded in recognition of the honorees to the nonprofit agencies they support.

Dark haired woman explaining ecology program to group of teenagers in the woods

Lacawac Sanctuary awakens the love of nature for students, community

Maybe it’s the quiet energy of the forest, or the song of the golden-winged warbler, or even the stillness of the pristine 52-acre glacial lake that appeals to the hundreds of visitors who come to Lacawac Sanctuary each year. No matter why they come, all visitors leave with a profound appreciation for nature and all its wonder.

A group of children happily pose in front of playground equipment at a park that PPL revitalized...

Park revitalization brings a community together

The shrieks from kids racing down the slide, the laughter of grandparents playing with their grandchildren, the crack of a bat connecting with a fastball as the crowd cheers. These are the sounds that echo throughout Veterans Memorial Park in Newport, Pennsylvania. Just a couple of years ago, this park wasn’t so lively.