Planning for COVID-19

PPL continues to monitor the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) and to take extensive measures to protect employees, contractors and the public.

Our industry prepares for emergencies: safeguarding critical workers, collaborating with local and state emergency management agencies and following comprehensive emergency management and pandemic plans, as well as the guidance of the CDC and, state and local health departments, emergency management agencies and utility industry authorities.

The safe and reliable flow of electricity is crucial – especially during emergencies. That’s why our utilities work closely with public safety and emergency preparedness agencies to coordinate responses to emergency events.

We also conduct drill exercises throughout the year to make sure every employee that has a crisis response role is prepared for emergencies.

COVID-19 is an unprecedented event by any measure. But our crisis team mobilized quickly to develop a response to make sure we could keep power flowing.

Some actions we’ve taken so far include:

  • Implementing a wide range of measures to foster social distancing. This includes having a substantial number of our employees work from home and taking additional precautions to protect those whose jobs require them to come to work.
  • Increasing cleaning and sanitizing of our work facilities, canceled all non-essential business travel, and implemented visitor restrictions and personal travel and health notification requirements.
  • Limiting physical interactions between employees and our customers by suspending non-critical work at customers’ homes or businesses.
  • Conducting scenario planning sessions to prepare for potential increased levels of infection and how we would respond.
  • Analyzing inventory to anticipate potential challenges and stockpiling resources for mission-critical facilities and departments.

One of the core values of the utility industry is resiliency. We’re working to make the grid stronger, smarter and more resilient so we can recover quickly from any storm. The same can be said of our employees who are the backbone of our industry – planning, preparing and delivering on our promise to customers.

April 2, 2020

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