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New research is helping us prepare for a changing energy future

While no one can predict the future, the leaders of PPL’s utilities see signs pointing to a very different grid than the one that has powered our lives for decades

“You can wait to see what the future holds, or you can prepare, innovate and be ready to take advantage of what you know is coming. We’re going to be ready,” said Chief Operating Officer Greg Dudkin.

In Pennsylvania, PPL Electric is conducting research on solar and other distributed energy resources, installing the next generation of meters for its customers and using advanced digital technologies and Internet-enabled applications to detect and respond faster to changing conditions on the grid.

In Kentucky, LG&E and KU own and operate the state’s largest universal solar array, producing 10 megawatts of solar-generated energy at their E.W. Brown Generating Station. They also have business solar offerings for commercial and industrial customers, a subscription-based community solar program called Solar Share, and a Green Energy program allowing the utilities to purchase regional renewable energy credits on a customer’s behalf.

Whether through a new generation of advanced meters or finding new business opportunities, PPL’s utilities are embracing new and expanded ways of serving their customers and taking steps to remain at the forefront of creating the grid of the future.

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April 11, 2019

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