The 2010s

Major expansion

PPL expanded greatly during this decade, acquiring Louisville Gas and Electric and Kentucky Utilities and utility companies in the United Kingdom that would become part of Western Power Distribution, PPL’s U.K. distribution network. The expansion increased PPL’s customer base from just over one million to more than 10 million. The company also spun off its generation business, focusing primarily on distribution.


Kentucky acquisitions

PPL completes the acquisition of two regulated utilities in Kentucky — Louisville Gas and Electric and Kentucky Utilities.

2000s LG&E worker


United Kingdom acquisitions

PPL completes the acquisition of two regulated regional electricity distribution companies in the United Kingdom. Together, with two previously acquired regional electricity distribution companies, they operate under the name Western Power Distribution.


Generation spinoff

PPL completes its transformation to a company solely focused on high-performing regulated utilities through the spinoff of its competitive generation business.


Diversity and Inclusion pledge

Bill Spence signs the CEO Action pledge, declaring the company’s commitment to a diverse and inclusive environment.

The company launches the “We Are Together” campaign as an expression of this commitment. The video features PPL employees and demonstrates that diversity is more than skin deep.


Advancing a cleaner energy future

PPL announces a goal to cut the company’s carbon dioxide emissions 70 percent from 2010 levels by 2050 as it works to advance a cleaner energy future.

The company expects to achieve the reductions through a variety of actions, including replacing Kentucky coal-fired generation over time with a mix of renewables and natural gas while meeting obligations to provide least-cost and reliable service to customers. And they also include taking actions across PPL’s U.S. and U.K. operations, such as improving energy efficiency, reducing greenhouse gas emissions from substations and reducing vehicle fleet emissions.

A 500-kilowatt solar array in Kentucky is part of LG&E and KU's Solar Share program.