Our success as a company is tied to the success of the towns and cities we serve. That’s why commitment to the community is at the core of PPL’s values.

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Whether it’s the middle of the night, the hottest summer day or an icy winter morning, we know that our customers rely on us to keep the lights on.

We deliver on our promise to customers and we are also dedicated to empowering the communities in which we live and work.

PPL strives to empower economic vitality and quality of life by promoting and enabling vital, sustainable communities, which empower each citizen to fulfill her or his full potential.

Serving the communities we call home is at the core of our values. This value runs deep at PPL, and the spirit of volunteerism and philanthropy is part of our culture.

Community Action

Whether we’re mentoring budding engineers, tutoring school children, cleaning up neighborhood parks or assisting veterans, we continually seek new ways to invest our time and resources into our communities. It’s how we do business, and it’s our way of keeping our promise to support a brighter future.

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Community Investments

A group of PPL volunteers at a wildlands conservancy

The PPL family of companies contributes millions of dollars annually in Pennsylvania, Kentucky and the United Kingdom. We partner with hundreds of nonprofit organizations working to improve the quality of life in the communities we serve.

The PPL Foundation promotes the development of sustainable communities and supports our children’s success from cradle to career.

In Pennsylvania, the PPL Foundation has contributed more than $4 million to a wide variety of nonprofit organizations in north and central Pennsylvania since its inception in 2015.

Learn more about the PPL Foundation and the specific grants available in Pennsylvania.

Dark haired woman explaining ecology program to group of teenagers in the woods

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Lacawac Sanctuary awakens the love of nature for students, community

Maybe it’s the quiet energy of the forest, or the song of the golden-winged warbler, or even the stillness of the pristine 52-acre glacial lake that appeals to the hundreds of visitors who come to Lacawac Sanctuary each year. No matter why they come, all visitors leave with a profound appreciation for nature and all its wonder.

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Featured Story

Farming project cultivates young leaders

The LEAF Project, which stands for leadership, education and farming, is a farm-based youth employment program in south central Pennsylvania. Youths ages 14 to 22 work alongside farmers, chefs and their peers to develop knowledge about the food system while broadening their self-awareness and building leadership and communication skills.

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PPL’s annual United Way campaign raises $4 million to improve lives and strengthen local communities

Pennsylvania employees, retirees and corporation unite to help others.

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