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Park revitalization brings a community together

The shrieks from kids racing down the slide, the laughter of grandparents playing with their grandchildren, the crack of a bat connecting with a fastball as the crowd cheers. These are the sounds that echo throughout Veterans Memorial Park in Newport, Pennsylvania. Just a couple of years ago, this park wasn’t so lively.

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Farming project cultivates young leaders

For many kids, summer vacation is a chance to kick back, relax and take a break. For the youths who spend their summer working at the LEAF Project, this is their time to get up early, work hard and bloom into the leaders of tomorrow.

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Lancaster nonprofit puts people on road to success

To a mother of three who works part time and attends college on a full-time basis, a reliable vehicle is crucial. So when Katrina Smith’s Dodge Caravan hit 260,000-plus miles and repair bills were piling up, it was time to figure out a way to get to work and classes (and get her children to where they needed to go) without breaking the bank.

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