Our Sustainability Commitments

Our seven sustainability commitments provide a framework for PPL to grow and innovate in a responsible, reliable way that benefits customers, shareowners, employees, and society as a whole.

The corporate sustainability committee, which includes senior leaders throughout the corporation and its business units, is responsible for developing sustainability strategy, providing oversight and establishing the priorities and performance metrics.

The sustainability strategy, commitments and priorities are reviewed by the corporate leadership council and presented to the board of directors.  PPL’s Board of Directors has designated its Compensation, Governance and Nominating Committee with oversight of PPL’s practices and positions to further ESG performance and sustainability.

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Create extraordinary shareowner value

Create long-term value for shareowners through fiscal discipline, continuous improvement, environmental stewardship and enduring strategic investments

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Drive best-in-sector operational performance

Excel in safety, reliability, customer responsiveness and energy efficiency while maintaining a culture that fosters innovation

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Advance a cleaner energy future

Encourage responsible stewardship in partnership with our customers and stakeholders to have a sustainable environmental impact

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Build tomorrow’s energy infrastructure

Invest in tomorrow’s energy infrastructure by developing a reliable, resilient and efficient grid that fosters continued progress and a cleaner energy future

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Exceed customer expectations

Provide safe, reliable and environmentally responsible energy at the lowest reasonable cost

Strengthen communities

Empower the success of future generations by helping to build strong communities today

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Foster an exceptional workplace

Cultivate success by energizing an inclusive, respectful and diverse workplace that rewards performance, enables professional development, encourages employee engagement and enables employees to achieve their full potential

Download the 2017 Sustainability Report

PPL Corporation’s Sustainability Report highlights the company’s ongoing initiatives to advance a sustainable energy future for the communities, customers and stakeholders it serves.

Commitments in Action

  • Create extraordinary shareholder value

    WPD takes active step toward new role

    Engineers in fluorescent jackets from WPD stand in front of large windmill farm.

    The way we generate, distribute and consume electricity is changing due to advances in technology affecting the entire energy system. Generation is becoming cleaner and more distributed. Networks are becoming smarter and more active.

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  • Drive best-in-sector operational performance

    Measuring progress: PPL Electric’s first-quartile campaign

    At PPL Electric, the premise is simple. First-quartile performance in safety, reliability, customer satisfaction and cost management is necessary for long-term sustainable success.

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  • Advance a cleaner energy future

    Innovative project positions PPL Electric as a provider in the grid of the future

    Large blue solar panel in a field on sunny day.

    The Keystone Solar Future Project is an example of the innovative thinking PPL Electric is using as new on-site generation technologies transform the utility environment. The project will set up a “distributed system platform” that leverages the company’s existing smart grid technology to plan for, monitor and control distributed energy resources such as solar panels.

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  • Build tomorrow’s energy infrastructure

    Natural gas line upgrades ahead of the curve

    LG&E line-workers pose next to a new gas pipe installation.

    LG&E completed a long-term gas main replacement project reached in the heart of downtown Louisville in June 2017. The final stretch of work wrapped up an initiative that began back in 1996 when LG&E established a program to replace 540 miles of aging cast iron, wrought iron and bare steel natural gas pipelines, which are more vulnerable to degradation over time, with more durable plastic natural gas pipelines.

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  • Exceed customer expectations

    Going above and beyond for customer service

    Most people couldn’t imagine starting their day without a cup of coffee. So, when customers Don and Robin Smith from Somerset, Kentucky, saw KU trucks outside their house, Don was worried the crews would shut off power before he could brew his morning cup of Joe.

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  • Foster an exceptional workplace

    Constructive culture driving innovation, collaboration

    The common thread to PPL Electric’s continued success has been an increasingly constructive workplace culture. In recent years, the company has built a culture that nurtures an atmosphere of employee engagement and accountability, with employees providing and accepting feedback as they focus on achieving exceptional results.

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  • Strengthen communities

    Helping communities – near and far

    Crews from PPL’s operating utilities are often called to help restore power in other regions, and under their mutual assistance agreements, can call in help from other utilities when it is needed. In 2017, the call for help came often after numerous devastating storms hit Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico and Ireland.

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