Electrical engineer sees his role in ‘making people’s lives a little easier’

Shannon Haggard

Shannon Haggard, electrical engineer – LG&E and KU

Shannon Haggard’s job covers both the analytical and the practical. His job is to meet with customers to help plot out designs for new business – whether that’s residential, industrial or commercial. But the bottom line is Haggard sees his role about giving something back.

He said it’s about “making people’s lives a little easier – it’s the most rewarding thing about this position.”

His time as a sergeant and a helicopter mechanic with the Marines taught him leadership and communication skills that have served him well in his role at LG&E and KU.

“You have to be sociable and have good communication skills. I deal with many different types of customers – from residents to CEOs. You have to be able to understand what the customers’ needs are and their point of view.”

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