We partner with many organizations to raise awareness about events and issues important to our community. One way we do this is by lighting the iconic PPL Tower Building in Downtown Allentown in honor of different causes.

A time-lapse animation depicting the construction of PPL Tower

The PPL Tower Building, PPL Corporation’s headquarters in Allentown, Pennsylvania, is an enduring symbol of PPL’s commitment to Allentown and the Lehigh Valley region. The building is an iconic sight in the Lehigh Valley and can be seen for miles around at night.

The decision to build a 23-story tower in Allentown in the 1920s was an audacious one. The former Pennsylvania Power & Light was a relatively young company in a period where electrical power had not been completely accepted by the public.

In terms of architecture, skyscrapers had been developed in metropolitan areas such as New York and Chicago, where rising real estate values encouraged the construction of tall buildings. That was not the case in Allentown at the time. But the company’s directors knew the completed Tower would not only be a visible image of the unbounded potential of the company, but would also symbolize the exuberant optimism of the time.

When it was completed in 1928, it was the tallest building between New York City and Pittsburgh.

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Construction Highlights

At 322 feet in height, PPL’s Tower would become Pennsylvania’s tallest building outside Philadelphia or Pittsburgh, and was once the tallest building in the Lehigh Valley.

Today, the PPL Tower Building — tall, elegant and functional — remains a beacon of the power that supplies our industries, our schools and our communities.

• 5,700 tons of steel

• 5,400 tons of stone

• 250,000 rivets

• 2,847,000 bricks

• 42 miles of piping

• 1,397 doors & windows

• 104,200 bags of cement