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East meets West at PPL’s Lunar New Year celebration

Happy Lunar New Year! Do you know the Chinese zodiac sign for 2020? We’ll give you a hint, it’s the animal associated with wealth and fertility. Find out the answer and about PPL’s Lunar New Year celebration and the employees behind it.

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Celebrating African-American trailblazers

Black History Month is a great time to reflect on the accomplishments of African-Americans. Here’s a list of African-American trailblazers who made major contributions to our society despite steep hurdles.

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Lacawac Sanctuary awakens the love of nature for students, community

Maybe it’s the quiet energy of the forest, or the song of the golden-winged warbler, or even the stillness of the pristine 52-acre glacial lake that appeals to the hundreds of visitors who come to Lacawac Sanctuary each year. No matter why they come, all visitors leave with a profound appreciation for nature and all its wonder.

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