Pre-testing and Skill Refreshers

The Construction and Skilled Trades Selection System (CAST) test is used to help select candidates for construction and skilled trade positions in the following areas: electric transmission and distribution (i.e. Helper FS Regional T&D), facilities and equipment (i.e. Facility Technicians), and meter reader service and repair (i.e. Service Technicians). This test measures skills and abilities critical for effective job performance in the following areas: math problem-solving using information from prints and drawings, mechanical principle comprehension and reading comprehension.


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Test Preparation Resources

To increase your familiarity with the testing concepts, the Edison Electrical Institute has
developed sample practice tests to help you understand what to expect. The practice tests will
differ from the actual tests, but answers and explanations are provided at the end of each
practice test for your review. Also, included below is a link to SkillBuilders for fractions and
mechanical principles to help you prepare for the CAST test.

We strongly encourage you to take the practice test, use the skill builders and review the test
preparation resources available. Use the following credentials to access the tests:

  • Log in: ppltest
  • Password: electric

Practice Test Link:

SkillBuilder Link:

Retake Policy

If you are not selected for a position because of your test results, you are not eligible to retest
for the same position. To be considered for future openings, you must apply to a new position
to be invited to retake the test.

Testing Accommodations

In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), please inform us of any disability
that you feel requires special testing arrangements. Please supply this information when you
are confirming your attendance to take a test.