Apr 11, 2019

WPD makes WISE moves to advance women in STEM


In the U.K., electricity distribution engineers are in such short supply that the profession appears on the government’s official Shortage Occupation List. That’s one of the many reasons WPD is working to ensure it’s an employer of choice and that more women take on roles in engineering and technology.

To help in its efforts to increase gender diversity among its engineering staff, WPD became a corporate member of WISE – Women in Science and Engineering – a U.K. campaign for gender balance in science, technology and engineering from the classroom to the boardroom. With the help of WISE, the U.K. is on track to reach its goal of 1 million women in STEM careers by the year 2020.

“We need to change perceptions that people may have about the energy industry and will approach this as we would any other business improvement project. We can take positive steps in our recruitment campaigns,” said Beverley Dwyer, employee relations manager for WPD.

Becoming a member of WISE gives WPD the opportunity to directly reach women who are looking for jobs with a focus on STEM subjects.

“Our aim is to be seen as an employer that is keen to develop the right people for the job, irrespective of gender,” said Dwyer.

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