Sep 21, 2017

We Are Together video celebrates differences

At PPL, we believe our differences make us stronger and bring us together. We believe we can be successful only when we look beyond our differences to find common ground and truly understand and appreciate each person’s unique qualities.

Earlier this year, PPL signed the CEO Action for Diversity and Inclusion pledge and committed to take action in building a workplace where diverse perspectives and experiences are welcomed – regardless of age, race, gender, ethnicity or whom you love.

The “We Are Together” video is an expression of this commitment. The video features PPL employees and demonstrates that diversity is more than skin deep. That each individual often has unique circumstances, characteristics and experiences that transcend traditional diversity measures. These underlying qualities are often discovered in daily interactions, leading to meaningful relationships, greater understanding and, ultimately, a more inclusive, respectful workplace.

We believe our path to togetherness and inclusion is a journey that requires each of us to listen first in order to understand one another better. It is only when we seek to understand others that we can embrace our differences. When we do this, we can all be our whole selves, and together we will achieve amazing results.