Nov 12, 2020

Sally Casey uses her energy to help survivors of domestic and sexual abuse

Sarah “Sally” Casey has led the struggle against domestic violence in Schuylkill County, Pa., since the grassroots efforts began in 1983. Her dedication and vision ever since to Schuylkill Women in Crisis (SWiC) has developed into a collaborative community response that has helped thousands of victims and their families find safety and healing.

In addition to assisting victims, SWiC works to confront the societal issues that contribute to this problem. SWiC is motivated by the belief that all individuals are entitled to live free of the fear and pain caused by emotional and physical abuse.

Their shelter facility has become home to countless women and children seeking refuge from the dangers in their personal lives. In the shelter, staff introduce residents to a broad range of available services which help them establish safe, independent living. SWiC staff also arrange for male clients in need of shelter to find a safe place to stay.

“I accept the Bright Lights award on behalf of the great and dedicated staff and volunteers who ensure that our vital, comprehensive services are available to survivors of domestic and sexual abuse 24 hours a day, every day of the year,” Casey said. “I also want to add that the strength and courage demonstrated by survivors who come forward to pursue a new and better life inspires us all to strive to address the devastating impact of abuse.”

The Bright Lights funds will serve as seed funding to help establish the CARES Garden so that safe and accessible outdoor space will be available for virtual schooling, counseling, yoga, meditation, training, exploration and play.

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In recognition of PPL’s 100th anniversary this year, the PPL Foundation awarded a total of $100,000 in grants to help illuminate the outstanding contributions of individuals working in the nonprofit sector. Ten Bright Lights grants of $10,000 were awarded in recognition of the honorees to the nonprofit agencies they support.