Sep 20, 2018

Prepare today for tomorrow’s potential disasters

Hundreds of travelers were stranded in the Pocono Mountains last March when a powerful nor’easter pummeled the region, dumping as much as two feet of snow.

Motorists trapped on Interstate 80 overnight scoured their cars for food, water and extra clothes to keep warm.

Since September is National Preparedness Month, it’s a good time to prepare for situations like this. This year’s National Preparedness Month theme is “Disasters Happen. Prepare Now. Learn How.”

Through its website,, the Department of Homeland Security offers tips for preparing for a variety of disasters. The Department of Homeland Security suggests you pack an emergency kit for your car with items including:

● Jumper cables

● Flares or reflective triangle

● Ice scraper

● Car cell phone charger

● Cat litter or sand for better tire traction

● Water

● Non-perishable food

● Flashlight

● First-aid kit

● Extra batteries

● Whistle to signal for help

● Moist towelettes, garbage bags and plastic ties for personal sanitation

● Local maps

● Sleeping bags or warm blankets

The full emergency kit lists and other tips are available at

While planning for emergencies, you may also want to consider putting together all of your important personal documents in one place so you can grab them quickly.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency suggests using a fireproof lock box, safe or safety deposit box to store documents (or copies of documents) that include birth certificates, adoption papers, Social Security cards, passports, citizenship papers, marriage licenses, divorce decrees, child custody papers, military documents and medical/vaccination records.

FEMA also suggests putting together a list of all insurance policies with policy numbers and insurance company contact information.