Aug 15, 2018

PPL Foundation grant helps provide a judgement-free zone for LGBT youth

Adrian Shanker, Executive Director of The Bradbury-Sullivan LGBT Community Center

With smartphones, iPad and laptops, many of us take for granted the ease of accessing the internet.

But for LGBT youth who may be homeless or housing insecure due to familial homophobia, the Cyber Center at Bradbury-Sullivan LGBT Community Center serves as a lifeline.

There they can locate shelter and housing aid, work on their resumes, apply for jobs, and enroll in healthcare programs.

The center’s supportive services staff is there to help people navigate the complex health care open enrollment system, and the youth programs staff provides housing assistance for youth in need.

“Schools and libraries often block access to LGBTQ-related content for teens on a quest to understand their LGBTQ identity,” said Adrian Shanker, Executive Director of Bradbury-Sullivan LGBT Community Center. “Through the support of the PPL Foundation grant, we were able to provide our community, especially youth, with a space where they can explore their identities without judgement or fear.”

The grant provided funds for the center to add hardware and networking capabilities in a designated area in the community center, which provides arts and culture programs, health promotion and outreach, daily youth programs, supportive services and LGBTQ cultural competency trainings.