Apr 11, 2019

Learning from our stakeholders – giving customers a voice


How does a company in a monopoly position avoid stagnating? Engage with stakeholders, set clear goals for continuous improvement, and encourage a culture of creativity and innovation among employees. How do you engage with customers and other key stakeholders to give them a voice? At WPD, we connect with stakeholders through our annual WPD Stakeholder Engagement Roadshow.

Our 2018 roadshow included a series of six workshops throughout our service territories. At each workshop, WPD presents its business plan. Stakeholders then debate a series of questions before voting for their preferences in what WPD calls a challenge panel.

The stakeholders come from a variety of backgrounds: nonprofits, businesses, consumer groups, local government, universities, environmental organizations and utilities. With hundreds of attendees, the roadshows have to be more informative than consultative. But stakeholders are given the chance to debate and suggest additions to WPD’s business plan.

Learn more about PPL’s stakeholder engagement process in the 2018 Sustainability Report: www.pplsustainability.com