Apr 25, 2017

Diversity – so much more than just a word

PPL redefines diversity during Celebrate Diversity Month

Diversity is a word often talked about with respect to our communities and workplaces — but what does it mean?

Diversity has been defined as the state of being different or unlike.

At PPL, we have a broader perspective: We define diversity as the state of understanding and appreciating each person’s differences — regardless of age, race, gender, ethnicity or whom you love.

Bill Spence, chairman, president and Chief Executive Officer of PPL, likened diversity to togetherness during remarks at the company’s second-annual Business Resource Group Conference, a full-day event that brought together more than 120 employees to promote diversity, inclusion and professional development.

“Togetherness is a powerful concept,” Spence said. “It is this state of being ‘with each other’ that will make our company stronger. But it doesn’t happen on its own. Our path to togetherness and inclusion is a journey that requires each of us to listen first in order to understand one another better. We must challenge ourselves to be open to others’ opinions and experiences, even when they are different from our own.”

Diversity is so much more than just a word at PPL — it is one of our core values. The multiple perspectives that employees and suppliers of all races, backgrounds and life experiences add to the organization are immeasurable. We believe that these multiple perspectives foster innovation, productivity and mutual respect and lead to better company performance.

Some of the ways we advance this mission are by offering equal benefits and policies for all employees, committing to high standards in supplier diversity and providing development and networking for all employees through participation in business resource groups, whose mission it is to support and encourage inclusion at PPL. Through these efforts, PPL creates a culture where each person can bring their whole self to work every day.

April is Celebrate Diversity Month. PPL is proud to take a stand for equal rights and provide opportunities for each person to thrive — not just during this month but each and every day of the year.

Please take a moment to watch this video; it’s just one example of how our efforts are making a real difference in the workplace.