Nov 04, 2020

Darian Colbert is empowering people to create lasting change

For more than 20 years, Darian Colbert has invested in the Allentown, Pa., community by engaging in the leadership development of thousands of students, adult leaders and volunteers through the nonprofit agency, Cohesion Network. Its mission is to collaborate with residents, organizations and local government to empower people socially, educationally and economically, and create lasting change.

Over the course of Colbert’s career, he has emerged as a respected leader who has been called upon by city government agencies and nonprofit organizations alike in order to provide leadership, inspiration and training.

His current work with Cohesion Network – facilitating character education curriculum among students from under-resourced communities through partnerships with the Allentown School
District, has won praise from administrators, teachers, parents and students alike.

Funding from Bright Lights will be used to help support the Cay Galgon Life House through leadership development and parenting programs, help support their Community Block Ambassadors program and to help support their character education program within the Allentown School District.

“I am humbled, grateful and super excited for being selected as a Bright Lights recipient. Thank you, PPL, for making the Bright Lights program a reality for nonprofit agencies,” Colbert said.

Click here to learn more about Colbert and Cohesion Network.

In recognition of PPL’s 100th anniversary this year, the PPL Foundation awarded a total of $100,000 in grants to help illuminate the outstanding contributions of individuals working in the nonprofit sector. Ten Bright Lights grants of $10,000 were awarded in recognition of the honorees to the nonprofit agencies they support.