Apr 02, 2018

Constructive culture driving innovation, collaboration

Engineers in hard hats and black jackets looking at a blueprint

The common thread to PPL Electric’s continued success has been an increasingly constructive workplace culture.

In recent years, the company has built a culture that nurtures an atmosphere of employee engagement and accountability, with employees providing and accepting feedback as they focus on achieving exceptional results.

Icon depicting utility workers A more constructive culture produces more satisfied employees who deliver on their commitment and are more invested in the success of the company.

That investment takes many forms. It could be front-line field workers contributing ideas on how

a job can be done better. Its electricians coming up with solutions to a substation problem. It’s an analyst digging into big data to make equipment maintenance more efficient.

One example already in practice is bargaining-unit safety advocates. The advocates visit job sites across the service territory over a six-month period with the assignment of providing input, suggestions and feedback designed to improve worker safety.

In short, employees are engaged to improve the business. They see they are part of something bigger and know their work contributes to a successful company and more satisfied customers.

The company continues to break new ground and achieve improved performance in reliability, safety, customer satisfaction and cost management.

“There are countless examples of employees at all levels who are stepping up and becoming involved in solutions,” said PPL Electric Utilities President Greg Dudkin. “Internal surveys show we’re becoming much more constructive, but we know we can’t be complacent. Everyone has an impact on the overall success of the company. They see the big picture.”

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