May 19, 2021

A call to serve

Henry Brothers - A call to Serve

By day, the Henry brothers play a critical role in protecting the health and security of PPL’s assets — Matt as a lead cybersecurity risk management analyst for PPL Services and Andrew as a supervisor of the IT Critical Infrastructure Protection Application Team for PPL Electric Utilities.

By night, it’s the health and well-being of customers in the communities PPL serves that Matt and Andrew Henry help protect — in times when those community members need it the most. The brothers volunteer as emergency medical technicians and board members for the nonprofit Macungie Ambulance Corps in suburban Allentown.

During Emergency Medical Services Week, we’re shinning a spotlight on the brothers and their dedication to our communities.

In their combined three decades as EMTs, the brothers have seen their share of tragic events. But they focus on the positives. The tears that never fell. The lives saved. The families that gained members instead of losing them.

Like the time Andrew Henry helped deliver a baby girl to a mother who started active labor in her house.

“It started with one patient on the call and ended up with two,” Andrew Henry said with a smile.

Helping deliver, clean and wrap up the baby and transport her to the hospital is something Andrew Henry will never forget.

“Once I saw the baby was pink and crying, I thought, ‘This is all going to be OK,’” Andrew Henry said.

Matt Henry said one of his most memorable moments was during Hurricane Ivan in 2004, when he rescued multiple people who got stuck in their vehicles while attempting to drive on flooded streets.

The brothers each spend one evening shift a week as EMTs and several hours weekly as board members, overseeing the operations of the ambulance company.

The brothers are also both part of PPL’s Emergency Medical Response Team, which responds to emergencies at PPL headquarters in Allentown. They’ve had their memorable moments in that capacity too, including helping to save an employee who experienced cardiac arrest several years ago.

They apply the same methodology they use in saving lives to protecting our company’s assets in their roles at PPL.

“You have to take the best approach into each situation,” said Matt Henry, who joined PPL in 2004, three years before his brother. “It’s all about assessing the situation and applying your knowledge as best you can and then adjusting as the situation unfolds around you.”

During this month, we tip our hats to the Henry brothers and all other emergency medical services workers who help save lives.