Supply Chain

Doing Business With PPL

Relationships with contractors and suppliers are vital to PPL’s successful operations. Those contacts are developed and maintained through the company’s Supply Chain organization, which purchases materials and services to cost effectively support our business. 

All purchase orders and contracts issued by PPL must use a qualified supplier. PPL’s Supply Chain maintains a list of qualified suppliers and awards business to approved suppliers based on a number of factors including previous business dealings, competitive prices and quality materials and services. PPL also expects each supplier and contractor to share the company’s commitment to safety, the environment, diversity and the highest standards of conduct. 

Accordingly, PPL thoroughly reviews the safety and environmental performance of its business partners and incorporates compliance requirements in purchase orders and contracts. The value PPL places on diversity in its employees, communities and customers carries over to the people from whom the company purchases goods and services. In addition, suppliers and contractors also must observe the highest standards of business, professional and personal ethics when bidding or providing materials or services to PPL.