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PPL Montana leading the way in wetlands restoration.

PPL Montana swan release

The release of five young trumpeter swans marked another milestone in restoring the O’Dell Creek wetlands on a family ranch in southwestern Montana, a national award-winning project supported by PPL Montana and other private and public agencies and organizations.

“Trumpeter swans once thrived in the Madison River Valley,” said Jon Jourdonnais, PPL Montana’s manager of Hydro Licensing and Compliance. “With our help they will thrive again.” 

PPL Montana is an important partner in restoring hundreds of acres of stream and wetland habitat in one of Montana’s largest wetlands, home to many wildlife species, migratory waterfowl and wild trout.

Ranchers in the 1950s deemed the land too wet for raising cattle and drained it for grass production. The Laszlo family, owner of Granger Ranches, took notice of the degraded fish habitat, stream channels and adjacent lands and found willing partners, such as PPL Montana, to turn things around.

“It’s been a dramatic comeback,” Jourdonnais said. “PPL Montana is proud to participate in this remarkable story, which is part of our commitment toward river and wildlife stewardship and restoration.”

PPL Montana swan release       PPL Montana swan release

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