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Celebrating 100 years of historic contributions

At LG&E and KU Energy, we’re marking an extraordinary moment in our company’s history: a centennial celebration of our utilities. Kentucky Utilities Company was incorporated on Aug. 17, 1912, and Louisville Gas and Electric Company formed on July 2, 1913.

Throughout their histories, each utility has contributed to Kentucky’s growth and prosperity.  It’s a timeline rich in milestones, from engineering feats to award-winning customer service.  Check out these special features to learn more about the utilities’ historic and far-reaching contributions.

A year-long celebration is underway with special activities for customers and employees.  During this observance, we reflect on LG&E and KU and the outstanding qualities that define the companies today: dedicated employees, corporate citizenship, a commitment to safety and customer satisfaction, reliable service and low-cost energy — reasons for us all to celebrate.