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Lower Mount Bethel Energy Plant

At a Glance

  • 6079 DePues Ferry Road, Bangor, PA 18013
  • 623-megawatt generating capacity
  • Natural gas fired
  • 100 percent ownership

PPL’s Lower Mount Bethel power plant is a 623-megawatt natural-gas-fired facility in eastern Pennsylvania on a 750-acre site along the west bank of the Delaware River about 15 miles north of Easton, Pa.

Completed in spring 2004, the plant consists of two combustion turbine generators, two heat recovery steam generators and one steam turbine generator.

Combined-cycle combustion turbines burn natural gas to generate power and produce steam that is directed to a steam turbine to generate additional power. This design is among the most efficient in today’s market and, in combination with the use of natural gas, results in minimal environmental impact.

The plant uses today’s best available technology, selective catalytic reduction, to minimize emissions of nitrogen oxides and an oxidation catalyst to limit emissions of carbon monoxide.

Lower Mount Bethel Energy also shares water supply and wastewater disposal facilities of the neighboring Martins Creek power plant, minimizing the effect on the environment. The plant’s quick-start capability provides a reliable source of electricity that can be called upon during periods of high electricity use.

The plant employs 27 people full time.

Adjacent to the plant site, PPL manages hiking trails along a scenic stretch of the Delaware as part of the Martins Creek Environmental Preserve.