Dedication to our communities is at the heart of our core values.


People are PPL’s most valuable and valued asset. PPL workplaces are inclusive and respectful, and we are committed to diversity. We have a strong commitment to public and employee safety. We provide employees with opportunities for continued growth and development.

Outside of the workplace, we have built a strong tradition of customer service and help customers in the United States and United Kingdom use energy wisely. PPL and its employees support education at all levels, helping students prepare for the demands of today’s workplace.

Support for education

PPL supports and invests in education that helps teachers and their students understand energy and the environment, and prepares students for the workplace.
Support for Education

Through workshops and volunteer employee mentor programs, PPL recognizes the value of educating our youth about safety, electricity, the environment and energy conservation. We’ve reached over 11,000 children and awarded grants to numerous schools in support of educational programs.

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